How exactly do I use a fire blanket?

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How exactly do I use a fire blanket?

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    Does anyone have experience in using a fire blanket? I’m supposed to get one for my workplace, but I’m not even sure how to use it? Where can I go to get one, or at least find out more about it?

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    A fire blanket is useful to have at home and at work. You may never have cause to use it but if you ever do, it can save a life.

    Think of it a bit like a fire extinguisher. No one is going to say that they use a fire extinguisher twice a week! It just sits there for years. In the event of a fire, imagine what a difference it can make to prevent further damage.

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    If you get a fire blanket, make sure it has a designated place. Normally, you can mount this on the wall. Keep it secure and away from other things so no damage can come to it.

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    In the event you need it to throw the blanket on someone or smother a flame, there are a couple of tabs at the bottom. Just pull these if you need the fire blanket.

    There’s a company called ADL Insulflex Inc. that sells these. I guess you can get it from them. If you need to know more about this and other fire resistant materials, you can try contacting them.

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    You should familiarize yourself with how to carry the fire blanket. In the heat of the moment, a person can panic and may not be able to think properly or quickly.

    If there’s a fire, carry the blanket in a way that protects your forearms and hands. This is when the fire is pretty small. However, if the fire is a bit bigger, then carry it in a way that also protects your face and body.

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    I agree. In a fire where quick thinking and responses are needed, it can cause someone to freeze or freak out. While this is natural, if you can, try to remain calm. This will help you to think clearly.

    In a panic, you may decide to throw the blanket on the fire. Not only can you miss, it could inadvertently feed the fire.

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    The way you carry the fire blanket will give you protection. You need to lay the blanket on the fire in order to smother it.

    You have to do your best to cover the entire flame. If the flame is large and more than the blanket can handle, call the emergency services. Make sure to get out immediately and help others out, including pets.

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    If you have successfully managed to smother the flames with the fire blanket, do not touch or remove it. Wait at least 15 minutes, but preferably even longer than that.

    It takes some time for it to be completely suffocated. If you check or try to remove it, oxygen can cause it to start up again! If a person caught on fire, wrap them tightly. Tell the person to get down and roll on the floor. After this, take them to hospital immediately.

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