How to gift wine – Does anyone have any tips/instructions?

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How to gift wine – Does anyone have any tips/instructions?

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    Here’s an idea! Use parchment and twine to secure the baguette. Then put these parallel to each other and place it on top of the board. Place the cheese on top of the baguette. Use a nice, thick ribbon and secure everything.

    You can add more decorations if you like. For example, you could use a piece of rosemary and tuck this under the ribbon. If this doesn’t get you an invitation back, then nothing will!

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    Don’t just bring over a bottle of wine. Instead show that you put some thought and effort into it. Use a wine gift basket. Add some nice gourmet treats. You can add cheese and grapes and even some nuts. Make it look colourful. You could add an extra bottle of wine and maybe add a couple of wine glasses as well.

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    There are so many ideas you can try. You could use a wire gift basket and add different kinds of goodies. I suppose it depends on the occasion and who you are giving it to. You could put the wine in the wire basket and add some bath goodies, maybe some scented candles, chocolates and things of that nature. Decorate it with some striking ribbons. Make sure to place some of that special straw at the bottom of the basket.

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