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I got some technical questions about vacuum cleaners…

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    So, I need to get a vacuum cleaner. To be honest, I have no clue what to get. After doing a bit of research, I identified there are two types of vacuum cleaners (correct me if I’m wrong): bagless cleaners and bagged cleaner.

    Does anyone have any experience with owning both? Which did you prefer and why? And which would you recommend to me?

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    For me, the main criteria is to get the dirt and dust out of your home. I find that a bagless unit has far more seals from which dust can get out. You also need to clean filters and whatever gadgets that are used. I find it too much of a hassle, so that’s why I much prefer to have the bags.

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    I prefer bagless because it’s easier to see when it has to be emptied. You can also tell if your vacuum is working properly or not. You can look at it and see if dirt is being gathered. It’s nice to realize that the machine is working properly and doing its job!

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    I prefer bagless as well. Being able to see how much dust has been gathered is a helpful visual cue of how dirty my house is.

    However, I have noticed that the more full it gets, the less efficient it gets. I don’t mind it too much though, because I can just empty the contents quickly.

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    I think that a bagless unit increases the chances of exposure to allergens. Those who are sensitive may want to shy away from this kind of vacuum cleaner. For them, it would be better to go for a bagged vacuum cleaner instead.

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    If you’re super sensitive to allergens, it would be better to get a vacuum cleaner with a bag. There’s much less of a chance for exposure.

    Personally, I prefer bagless, but there are good and bad points for each kind.

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    That’s a fair point regarding allergens. I’m usually pretty bad with allergies around this time of year, so I need to be careful. I should wear a mask or just get a bagged vacuum cleaner like you said.

    Next question: does anyone have any recommendations about where to buy vacuum cleaners?

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    Maybe Vacuum Warehouse? They are located in Richmond Hill, but you can also have it shipped to you.

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