Immigration: should I pick a law firm or a lawyer?

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Immigration: should I pick a law firm or a lawyer?

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    I’m trying to help someone move to Canada. From your personal experience, is it better to hire a law firm or an individual? TIA.

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    I honestly don’t know whether it is better to hire a larger company or just an individual. I would prefer to use a law firm…

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    An immigration law firm can help people for any number of reasons. There are probably several ways that they can help:

    One thing about immigration is that the government tends to make a lot of changes to the rules and regulations. What was true last year may have changed this year. If you’re thinking of hiring a law firm, you should do your own research as well as ask around. You need to hire a firm that keeps up-to-date with all the latest changes.

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    A law firm can help someone with citizenship issues. For example, let’s just say that you want to become a permanent resident, the law firm can help you with all the necessary documents.

    There will be specific documents required for such important matters. A person would have no idea about these documents. That’s why having a lawyer’s help will make a huge difference for a smoother application.

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    In case you need a good law firm, there’s one I can suggest you call. Tiziana Aiello is a good law firm that I would highly recommend. They are immigration and citizenship lawyers who specialize in inadmissibility and immigration litigation. If you require help, you can start there.

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    A law firm can help someone because they will know all about what documents are required. They will know how and when to submit these. There will be some kind of an assessment in this application process. If you pass the assessment, you’ll be provided with a visa by the immigration department. The law firm can help you prepare for this as well.

    There are certain procedures to follow. There will be certain time limits involved. Left to your own devices, there are bound to be mistakes, perhaps costly ones at that. These mistakes can lead to a rejection. It can also cost time. Sometimes, a person may have to start the whole process again. This can be demoralizing.

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    A law firm can help with work permits and for studies. A person can apply for a Study Permit as well. However, they should have a clean record in their own country.

    I suppose it’s the same for a work permit. You need to be law-abiding or it will be difficult to get a permit. Getting the right guidance from an immigration lawyer is the first step.

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