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Making a successful mascot

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    We need to come up with a mascot and we are looking for it to be successful, not just now but in the future as well.

    How can we achieve this? Who can we get to help and advise us? It’s one thing to gain immediate success. However, we want it to be a long-term success too.

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    For starters, you need to make your mascot one heck of a character. It has to be likeable and memorable. Always keep this in mind during the planning and designing stage.

    It has to be relatable to people. Make it a lively character. Keep it fun and even funny. I don’t think you should go out and buy any old costume. I feel you will get success if you start from scratch.

    That means you need to speak to someone in the industry with loads of experience. They would have seen everything over the years. An experienced company would know what has worked and what has not. Try someone like Hogtown Mascots. This is a company that I feel can really help you in what you are trying to achieve.

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    To be really serious, you need to have someone as a mascot manager. You could even have more than one person in charge of this if you want. When it comes to all things mascots, you will always have someone who is able to stay on top of it. So, perhaps it is better to have a team.

    Things like this can also help with your marketing efforts. Designate a team even before you take the initial step of developing the mascot. This way, the team can be involved from the start in developing the character.

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    If you want long-term success, you need to use the power of the Internet. Use all forms of social media available to you. That means using Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram to build up the popularity of your mascot. Your mascot now has a ‘voice’ on these popular platforms.

    Your mascot, once created, now becomes almost like a ‘live’ entity. Set up accounts and pages that are just for your mascot. You have no idea how powerful this can be. It can have a snowball effect as it gets bigger and bigger.

    Just keep in mind that this is a lot of hard work that will not happen overnight. However, using things like the Internet for your mascot can make videos go viral. Your mascot’s popularity will not only rise, but it will be ongoing. This is what you want.

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    Yeah, definitely talk to a company that makes mascots and ask them for advice. In general, mascots tend to be popular and easily recognizable.

    However, an experienced maker of mascots can take this even higher. They can help to make the mascot easily associated with your company. This can build brand recognition and revenue. It’s amazing that such a fun thing can achieve this. Though it is a fun thing, plan it seriously.

    Work with a mascot developer to get this right. Right now, you have no idea how important this can be.

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