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Parking my car before a flight…

  • mysterylady
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    I am going to go abroad for several days. I want to drive my car to the airport. This is going to be the first time I will do this. It is also going to be a somewhat regular thing as well.

    Since it’s winter, I’m a little concerned. How can I come back to a car that is still in good condition? I will drive home, but I would hate to have a problem after getting back.

    How can I make sure everything is OK?

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    You should use a good cover for your car. You can get these special car covers that will protect your car from the elements. Get a good one.

    Some of these covers can be used at different times of the year. Since you said you are leaving in winter, get one to protect the car’s paint as well as other components.

    These covers can offer protection from the heat of summer and rain as well. You know how hot the sun gets in summer!

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    Make sure that before you drive to the airport, your tire pressure is at an optimal level. As you know, during the winter, tire pressure is more important. This way, they will be at a safe level upon your return.

    This is really important because you have no idea what the road conditions will be like on the day you return. You want to be able to safely drive home. If your home is gonna be a long drive, then at least you can safely drive to a facility where you can check your tire pressure before you drive home.

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    Hey, have you ever heard of Park ‘N Fly? This is an airport parking company in Toronto and there are several plans to choose from. You can pick one that best suits you.

    There’s also a complimentary shuttle service to your departure gate, which operates 24 hours a day.

    I used them once after a friend recommended them to me. It was something that worked out nicely for me and I may use them again. You should check them out and see if this is something that will work for you!

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    If you use a self-parking service, you can save yourself a lot of money. Plus, your car will be pretty much safe until you get back. It’ll be secured within a fenced and gated compound, so you don’t need to worry.

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    A self-parking service is super helpful. You have luggage assistance, which is a life saver when you’re travelling with a lot of luggage.

    For a bit of extra money, you may even use their valet services. Of course, you’ll have to pay extra for it, so maybe this isn’t necessarily for everyone – but if you’re in a hurry and you got the spare cash, why not?

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