Ugh! The weeds in my garden are out of control!

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Ugh! The weeds in my garden are out of control!

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    I always seem to have a problem with weeds on my lawn. No matter how hard I try, no matter what I try, it seems like they are one step ahead of me.

    How can I control weeds? It’s sooooo frustrating. Or should I just say to hell with it and call someone in to take care of it?

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    If you are going to try it on your own, you need to fight them early. This pretty much means you have to be diligent most of the time. As soon as you see them popping up, get rid of it. Whenever it rains, after the rain stops, go and have a look.

    The earlier you can get rid of it, the better, because it stops it from spreading. The more you keep checking, you will learn what conditions they like and where to find them.

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    To be honest, I do check regularly. It just seems overwhelming. It’s like an ongoing process, it never stops!

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    have to always keep on your toes with weeds. You could have a professional service like Weed Man come in and take care of this and provide you with other lawn services.

    Professionals like them will have the knowledge and be equipped with all that is required to perform effective lawn services in a way you could never match. It also frees up your time. At least you won’t feel so frustrated! I admit, it can be hard work taking care of the lawn.

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    Many people get ‘rid’ of weeds incorrectly. They get rid of just the leaves but leave the root. You must dig out the root. If you get rid of the leaves, the weed will grow back. This then becomes a pointless exercise.

    If you can’t reach the roots, the next best thing is to chop off the heads of the weeds. If you do this regularly, it may kill them. This also prevents them from seeding.

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    My advice? Make sure you have the proper tools. This will help you to perform these tasks effectively. A good weeder, a trimmer, a garden hoe and a weeding knife with a narrow blade. Good gloves, a bucket and knee pads also help.

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    You can harness the power of mulch. Make a layer of about 5cm and the weeds will be deprived of the light that they need. This could help kill them and they probably will not get a chance to establish themselves.

    There are other benefits with mulch too. Just make sure to use it wisely and do not go over the top, or else your soil may not get the proper amount of oxygen.

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    Next time you go to the hardware store or garden centre, ask them about using fire to get rid of weeds. There are things you can purchase for this sole purpose.

    You can burn just the weeds so that they die. I love using my toy on weeds!

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