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What things should I do after moving?

  • potterfan
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    I hate moving. I find it too stressful. Unfortunately, I have to move soon. It is a local move. I’d like to get some advice on what things I should do immediately after the move.

    I know if I wing it, I will worry my head off! If I can get some ideas, I could write them down and do it methodically.

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    Not sure if anyone loves moving!

    Check to make sure everything is in order. Make sure all pieces are accounted for. Look for any signs of damage. It would be great if you had someone to help you, so keep this in mind too. To do this, you should label and organize everything before the trip. Otherwise, you cannot cope. Make sure to also keep an inventory of the items and boxes for easier referral.

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    I suggest you get the inventory documents from the moving company. This way, as the boxes are being unloaded, you can check them off. Since everyone is right there, if anything is missing, you can bring up the issue. It can be looked for immediately.

    At the same time, if there is any damage to anything, immediately bring it to their attention. Then you can make a claim.

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    I hope you’re going to use an experienced and reliable moving service. If not, you could have unwanted headaches. Use a company like Premiere Van Lines. They can help and advise you as well. If there are problems, they are more likely to do the right thing and not leave you in the dark.

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    I suggest that you keep a close eye (as best as you can) on everyone while loading and unloading is going on. If there is any damage to anything, I strongly suggest you do not discard it. The moving company will want to look at it.

    If you happened to pack something and it got damaged, the moving company may not be responsible. However, if they dropped something and it got damaged, they will be responsible. Be attentive!

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    When you go to the new place, you need to set things up. Not just your items but there are other things to take care of. You want to make sure that all your services are hooked up and ready to go. Actually, these are things you should have arranged beforehand.

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    Yeah, definitely make sure that the utilities are set up and ready to go (power, water gas). Make sure that you have phone and Internet services. Remember to also have your mail come to your new place.

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    If you have kids, then you need to set them up for a new school, or at least inform the school of the address change. Make sure they have all their medical documents in order. Have these things handy, so you don’t have to look for it. Start registering them for activities so they can hit the ground running.

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    Check out the neighbourhood. Find out where all the important things are. This helps everyone settle quickly.

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